10 Health Benefits of Using Foam Rollers Daily

Foam rolling? You may not hear of it until a friend told you about it during a recent year-end vacation. But, let me tell you. Foam rolling is a form of self-myofascial release used by athletes, sports enthusiasts, dancers, Yoga practitioners, massage therapists, and physical therapists. It helps maximize muscle recovery. Foam rollers, accurately speaking, are rollers made out of special types of foam. Foam rollers became popular because using them for a DIY massage is more convenient and cheaper than hiring massage therapists for deep tissue massages. As more studies reveal the many benefits we can gain from the muscle recovery techniques of foam rolling, foam rollers increased in popularity. And we have to tell you guys, these benefits are awesome, indeed.

We compiled our top 10 health benefits of using foam rollers daily and want to share them with you.

10 Top Healthy Benefits of Foam Rolling

·        Loosen Up Muscles

Include foam rolling in your stretching warm-up routines before a workout. This will likely result in making you feel good and prepared for any post work-out inevitabilities. It will make your muscles lose its tightness and become naturally pliant. Making your workouts effective in penetrating the target muscles you want to reach. A study published by the National Strength & Conditioning Association found that athletes who do foam rolling warm ups prior to exercise felt less fatigued than those from a group who did not go through foam rolling.


·         Prevent Injuries

You bet it’s going to make you feel super good. You will start to feel muscles loosening their tightness and fatigued muscles soothed, after a few series of foam rolling routines. It works similar to a deep tissue massage, the only difference is that you press your own body weight against the roller; this technique ensures that the muscle is subjected to ample amount of pressure. Massage with a foam roller to help avoid injury during exercise and this is much cheaper than cost to repair torn muscles.


·         Limits the Scope of Soreness

Although foam rolling is not a substitute for warming up or cooling down and stretching, foam rolling still limits the degree of soreness by escalating your level of flexibility and increasing the fluidity of your blood flow. There was a study by the National Athletic Trainer’s Association conducted in January year 2015 that found substantial benefits of foam rolling in reducing muscle soreness and fatigue.


·         Increases Flexibility


The best benefit you can have from foam rolling is loosening of muscles which also support extending the muscle’s elasticity. There was a study of muscle elasticity and flexibility benefits, and it was all about how foam rolling increased an athlete’s range of motion. Increased flexibility of muscles increases the muscle power. You combine it with proper stretching warm-ups and training; you’ll be surprised of the new levels of performance you will reach.


·         Foam Rolling is Cheaper than Taking the Service of a Massage Therapist

Going to a massage therapy session with a professional massage therapist has similar benefits with foam rolling. You’ll have all the benefits of a deep tissue massage without paying a substantial professional fee. You may get a foam roller with a $10, after doing a quick online search!


·         Helps Improve Body’s Fascia Functions

The body’s fascia system is a band of connective tissues connecting internal organ functions together. Your foam rolling routines will not only help stretch your muscles, it also helps you break through layers of tissues and muscles into hard to reach areas and facilitate breaking up scar tissues. This helps smooth out the communication functions of the fascia and in strengthening those muscles.10 Health Benefits of Using Foam Rollers Daily


·         Accelerates Body’s Breakdown of Lactic Acid

A long-drawn-out and backbreaking exercise will stimulate the body to build up lactic acid. Generally lactic acid buildup is the primary cited cause of cramps and of the starting points of the different stages of fatigue, especially those experienced after strenuous exercise. Although study shows that over productions of lactic acid by the body is instrumental for the body’s aerobic and anaerobic energy consumption, and of the body’s capacity to absorb lactic acid back on its own, foam rolling can help speed up the body’s ability to breakdown lactic acid post-workout.


·         Make Your Body More Efficient in Nutrients’ Absorption

Foam rolling can help expedite blood flow and through increased blood circulation, nutrients and waste products move more efficiently at cellular levels, improving your body’s overall cellular function.


·         Reduces Body’s Cellulite Deposits


Cellulitis are the body’s state where you can see dimples forming in the skin of the pelvis, abdomen and the lower limb regions. It is known to be issues that women frequently face. There have been various researches done on cellulite and it was found that one cause of cellulite is the shift of the connective tissue structures. Foam rolling helps stretch those warped connective tissues and helps improve circulation. Foam rolling break ups interwoven fat fibers, thus help prevent formation of cellulite and reduce existing cellulite when combined with proper diet and exercise.


·         Increases Blood Flow Making Blood Circulation More Efficient


Massages have good benefits for improving blood flow/circulation through the veins, arteries, and capillaries strategically located all over key locations in your body. When doing foam rolling massages by applying pressure the length of your body following your veins, the blood is gently pushed through these avenues of the body. Making oxygenated blood flow to areas of the body with poor blood circulation, facilitating a rejuvenating effect. This is connected to a study about how arterial stiffness and vascular endothelial malfunction cause cardio vascular diseases and how it could benefit from foam rolling.




Now that you know the health benefits of using foam rollers daily and if you don’t know which of the available foam rollers in the market could help you achieve the results you are aiming for. You can read up many foam roller reviews to help you choose. There are also many guides in choosing the best foam roller for massage, best foam roller for runners, best foam roller for physical therapy and best foam roller for back pain you can find online published for you who want to benefit from foam rolling.

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